What a surprise family trip this was! I would have never expected that in my lifetime I would be travelling to one of the most iconic countries in the world. I have never had Dubai as one of my most wished countries to visit, but how can you say no to Dubai!?  This was the chance for me to create more amazing memories. Being able to celebrate my aunties birthday here was such a beautiful experience and would wish for all of you to be able to travel here too!
I'm not saying its the cheapest of countries. NOTE - its decently priced to travel to and from but to live here, thats a whole other story! 

We arrived here during the winter season (November) with  the perfect weather and most definitely came at the perfect time - in celebration of their 45th year anniversary! We also stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is definitely the ideal place to stay for everyone;  especially families.

I'm going to be sharing with you reccommendations of places to visit, eat and relax! So le…

Travel Essence

London Love...  The blog about being YOUnique, the little things about me being a young Nigerian and British lady and my travels around the world! Welcome on board: to my new readers and welcome back my originals! <3 I am happy you're reading this or have taken the time to check out my last posts over the years. It has been a journey and I absolutely love the fact breaks do exist. Its always good to take your time with everything so you have clarity on who you want to be or what you would love to do in life! Its up to us to always create our happiness. 

So, I've had a long time away to renew, revamp and recreate a lot about myself . This is in terms of my mindset, talents/creativity, my atmosphere and the people around me! Change can start off ugly and end up being the most beautiful element of life and I would love for you to come along on this journey with me! Lets learn from each other as I share the good, bad and the ugly experiences through life. Remember its the little…

STAYING DOWN IN 2017 - 5MonthsIN!

***I wrote this post around January 2017 when I was facing my biggest challenges***

I've noticed one thing is that I expect too much perfection and for everything to be done in one go! This is when things go wrong because it ends up being a confusing situation and then you end up taking it out on other people..This has basically been the start of 2017 for me. I know most people seem to make their new year start on a high! But I don't think I was mentally prepared for 2017 and I allowed that overwhelming feeling to get to me by thinking "I'm staying down in 2017". I seriously couldn't believe I felt like this.. Its a new year! What is there that I can't do that I didn't do in 2016 - so much was achieved, I kept myself productive and had so much fun!

I spoke to friends that I trust, that I knew I could let them know how I was feeling because they had been there before. Even though I felt bad expressing all of  it by just always speaking out -it wasn't…


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to yet another unique part of 'BeingYouniqueLDN'  - "All the little things; My spare time in London & around the world" ...
Its back and better with more amazing places & events, collaborations, discoveries and much more!
  .                .                 .

One of the amazing discoveries I came across was/is the up and coming Street Fashion Showcase hosted by Livity as part of the Brixton Trail and London Design Week on Friday 29th Septemeber! Keep up to date on here with me and with Livity 


Livity is a powerful youth-led creative network. They help to build and establish young creatives' brands to make an absolute difference in their communities and change the world! It's all about loving what you do and putting yourself out there for opportunities to network, collaborate and spread positive vibes!
What is Love Fashion Power about?'Love Fashion Power' is a vibrant proj…

Travel Essence - 12 Travel Tips, Treats & Tricks

Thinking that you have everything  well organised for a trip and finding out you missed a few things out can be frustrating . This can be so many of us when planning for the perfect holiday, and I know my plan wasn't on point when I traveled to New York but this time I was determined to do so for my next long-haul holiday. I realised there were so many things to remember... So I had to share (in no particular order) 12 tips, treats and tricks with you that can make your next trip away stress-free!

1. When packing clothes, instead of folding, ROLL your clothes, you'll be surprised as to how much space you still have left compared to when folding clothes.

2. Pack for the amount of days you're staying  - You don't want your suitcase to be filled up and not have enough room for your presents and extra buys.

3. Check the weather forecast for the duration of your stay- Its good to know what type of weather you're packing for. Trust me, you don't want to be wearing a car…

Travel Essence - AMSTERDAM

The joys of being a tourist...

A short break seems like its always needed and I got the chance to take a uni trip to Amsterdam in November 2015 with a few of my colleagues and of course my lectures came.

I've heard so many things about weekend breaks to 'Dam and finally I got the chance to go. As soon as most people hear Amsterdam the first thing is the Red Light District or weed cafes, but obviously there's more to the Dutch lifestyle - the classic bike rides and canals, traditional beers and the people you meet! I will do my very best to share this trip with you recommendations and hopefully you'll be paying a visit to AMSTERDAM too!

We stayed at the Meininger Hostel, City West. A great location which is very close to the Sloterdijk railway station (five minutes walk). This hostel is definitely ideal for students or if you're looking for an affordable and accessible place to stay. The staff are helpful especially as a lot of students stay here, and a lo…

Travel Essence - WORLD TRAVEL MARKET 2016

The essence of travel is like being in another world. What feels like lifetime is only like 2 weeks. You meet amazing people and keep in touch, you finally meet family members that you've never met and you cherish every moment! Don't you just love that feeling?? It doesn't even have to be in another part of the world; it could be that hour trip away for a peaceful weekend that makes you appreciate nature and your well-being! Travel comes in so many ways - leisure, passion, career, inspirations and so much more. I love it! Here is a chance to be part of that through the World Travel Market!

I'm so excited to post a lot more on life as tourism student as I studied it from college up until university. There were a few languages too and I would definitely want you to ask questions or leave your comments, tips and recommendations etc. on unique places you've traveled to. So if you  just want to travel for the rest of their life and you see yourself travelling as a career…