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"You guys wanna embarrass me don't you?"
LMAO! I definitely have to leave you with the kinda craziest time of my life where I wanted to finally prove to myself that if I just sing in front of people then I will be able to do anything!

I found out about a local competition happening and so I went for the audition but unfortunately for me it didn't go as planned. I flopped throughout the whole thing and ended up getting upset with myself thinking 'how can I travel all the way from where I live to embarrass myself like this?" I even thought the judges laughed at me while auditioning (couldn't blame them really).

As days went on I had it in mind I would definitely not be called back for the show; but they did. 

When the day finally came to do some rehearsals and minor vocal lessons, thoughts were telling me they just want to embarrass me and just have a funny act to put on the show in order for it to be lively LOL! So I decided to speak my mind and say "…


Natural Hair JourneyProducts I use for my Natural HairHere are the products that I started using properly 1.5/4 into the journey & contributed to the growth:
From Morocco Products : approx £5-£6 from local hair stores
- Sulfate-Free Moisturize & Shine Shampoo
- Intensive Conditioning Treatment
- Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner 
These products leave my hair feeling soft, healthy and really does give it shine especially since dying my hair. I always wash and treat my hair after every hairstyle I do which is monthly. They also have a soft oriental scent (if that's the way to describe it).

Damatol- Hair, Scalp & Skin Treatment : approx : £2-£3 from local hair stores/Africa
Sunny Isle, Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Extra Dark): £5.99 on Ebay
Damatol does what it says. Once applied onto the scalp you do get a cool, tingling feel but that's when I feel it's doing its…


Natural Hair JourneyStart Date: 2nd July 2014 (Nearly a year =])When it comes to a challenge, obviously you have to be prepared for it and my challenge last year July 2014 was trying to maintain my damaged hair which obviously couldn't be done!
So I did my research and made sure I was going to follow up on steps to look after my hair properly which included: 1. Doing 'THE BIG CHOP' (cut my hair to a low level)
2. Letting my hair breathe after I take out weaves/extensions.
3. Protective hairstyles e.g. Cornrows, Full fringe weave, braids, closures, wigs* (max. leaving hairstyles in for a month.  *Wigs can be taken off before bed. 
4. Making sure my scalp is being washed and dried with a t-shirt (learnt that from ijeomauna's Youtube channel 'TWA Wash Day (3 Months post Big Chop)
5. Sleeping with a silk head scarf preferably because its not too harsh on the hair .

*I dyed my hair due to the fact that I didn't want to have my natural black hair col…


Hey! My name's Yetunde; pronounced "Ye-tun-day". I am Nigerian as my name is representing, a 20 year old student from London City who is set to get out of her comfort zone wherever I step my foot. It does take time and it is always a learning process.
The I Can't BUT I Can Journey was an inspiration from Shameless Maya who challenged herself to do what she loved regardless of limitations and just stand out from the crowd; which definitely benefited her and others a lot. My journey is to share my interests and the love for the things I (think) I can't do but go ahead and do them anyway.. 
A few examples of my 'I Can't' moments: Creating a blogChallenge myself to a natural hair journeyCreating a Youtube Channel
I can do it and I have done it & so can you! Feel free to follow me on social media, share your views and comments and for sure I will keep you updated on many more! And why not challenge yourself in doing things that you thought couldn't be …