"You guys wanna embarrass me don't you?"

LMAO! I definitely have to leave you with the kinda craziest time of my life where I wanted to finally prove to myself that if I just sing in front of people then I will be able to do anything!

I found out about a local competition happening and so I went for the audition but unfortunately for me it didn't go as planned. I flopped throughout the whole thing and ended up getting upset with myself thinking 'how can I travel all the way from where I live to embarrass myself like this?" I even thought the judges laughed at me while auditioning (couldn't blame them really).

As days went on I had it in mind I would definitely not be called back for the show; but they did. 

When the day finally came to do some rehearsals and minor vocal lessons, thoughts were telling me they just want to embarrass me and just have a funny act to put on the show in order for it to be lively LOL! So I decided to speak my mind and say "you guys wanna embarrass me don't you?" To be honest I can't remember their reactions or responses, I just wanted to sing and face it!

When I got on stage my nerves kicked in so much because of other talented performances I heard before and there was a girl with such an amazing voice that was destined to win, but after the rehearsals and minor vocal lessons I had to go for it! I just sang even it wasn't perfect, I sang and the more I did the more I felt comfortable & confident! I DID IT! 

At the end of the show, they presented the results 3rd, 2nd & 1st place. I came in 1st place and I seriously couldn't believe it. I was thinking WTF like literally how is this even possible but it was real. I won a trip to Spain for 2 at the Cala Mesquida Resort, which I took my best friend with me. Everything was amazing, the scenery was unreal and it was definitely a trip to relax and unwind..

Now I just go for the opportunities of sharing talent because I can, even if I think I can't and you can never tell what the result could be! Why not try it?? You think you can't BUT you can! Step out of your comfort zone today x

Here's the link to the Talent Show Competition (CMGT Talent Show)

I'm going to be sharing a few people's stories I know under the I.CAN'T. BUT.I.CAN Topic! So keep updated & don't forget to share with your aunties & uncles, sisters and brothers! x 

LondonLove x


  1. Such an amazing story!!! Even, though you were scared you did it anyway. So much strength and courage :) I'm learning that myself, to push through my fears even though i am afraid and just do it! Loved this story
    PS- I am also a member of the Do You Boo Grouo, Nice to meet you :) Your blog is amazing got it bookmarked and will definitely keep reading it. Blessings on all your success. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes honestly, we've gotta step out of our comfort zones! Aww, wow much appreciated. Nice to meet you too! Looking forward to seeing your 'I Can't' moments turn into 'I Cans'!

      Thank you so much on taking your time to read my blog posts x


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