Natural Hair Journey

Products I use for my Natural Hair

Here are the products that I started using properly
1.5/4 into the journey & contributed to the growth:

Creme of Nature With ARGAN OIL 
From Morocco Products : approx £5-£6 from local hair stores

- Sulfate-Free Moisturize & Shine Shampoo

- Intensive Conditioning Treatment

- Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner 

These products leave my hair feeling soft, healthy and really does give it shine especially since dying my hair. I always wash and treat my hair after every hairstyle I do which is monthly. They also have a soft oriental scent (if that's the way to describe it).

Damatol- Hair, Scalp & Skin Treatment : approx : £2-£3 from local hair stores/Africa

Sunny Isle, Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Extra Dark): £5.99 on Ebay

Damatol does what it says. Once applied onto the scalp you do get a cool, tingling feel but that's when I feel it's doing its job in refreshing the scalp.
I do sometimes use it for the ends of my hair.
The texture is smooth and the scent is very minty.

The Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil provides thickness to the hair as it is very thick itself. It contributes 10x more to growth when used religiously.
The scent to me smells like smokey oil (it isn't really an attractive smell) but it works and that's all that matters LOOL!

MAZURI OLIVE OIL,Edge Wax : £3.99 from local hair stores

Creme of Nature, ARGAN OIL From Morocco. PERFECT EDGES : £3.99 from local hair stores

I just recently purchased Mazuri as I saw my colleagues edges were laid. It lasted for the whole day. The texture is thick, similar to wax and it smells like watermelon! It does the job but I have my eyes on another edge control because I know there's one more that looks much secure!

Creme of Nature Edge Control at first I enjoyed using it on my real hair but when I had my weave on my love became hate. I realised
the texture is thick but once the day has passed it looks like I don't care about my edges before I leave my house and it makes my edges look grey and very oily. 
I believe this works only on soft hair and not on NATURAL hair!
Also smells oriental.

Here are a two creative YOUTUBE channels that motivated me with my hair journey!

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  1. Great products! i need more creme of nature fab post darling xx

  2. They are good products, but it depends on your hair texture the edge controls work properly on.
    Thanks for reading x


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