Natural Hair Journey

Start Date: 2nd July 2014 (Nearly a year =])

When it comes to a challenge, obviously you have to be prepared for it and my challenge last year July 2014 was trying to maintain my damaged hair which obviously couldn't be done!

So I did my research and made sure I was going to follow up on steps to look after my hair properly which included:
1. Doing 'THE BIG CHOP' (cut my hair to a low level)

2. Letting my hair breathe after I take out weaves/extensions.

3. Protective hairstyles e.g. Cornrows, Full fringe weave, braids, closures, wigs* (max. leaving hairstyles in for a month. 
*Wigs can be taken off before bed. 

4. Making sure my scalp is being washed and dried with a t-shirt (learnt that from ijeomauna's Youtube channel 'TWA Wash Day (3 Months post Big Chop)

5. Sleeping with a silk head scarf preferably because its not too harsh on the hair .


*I dyed my hair due to the fact that I didn't want to have my natural black hair colour (boring). My hair was really dry after I dyed it but because I greased my scalp and my hair with castor oil it eventually became more manageable. Since dying my hair Chestnut blonde (ginger result), I have stuck to that colour even when the roots are growing out I re-dye it but I have to make sure that maintenance is consistent.

I will share the products I use in my next post.


I'm sure there is something MORE that I could do to make my hair growth solid and faster. Please share tips and other ways my hair could grow healthily and I will update you after six months from this post! Can't wait x

& Remember to share this with your friends friend and tell them to tell their other friends!

LondonLove x


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