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Its Just Me, Myself & I...

I feel like I should have done this post first but its better to introduce the purpose of why I started the blog and give you some insight of me, myself & I after! ENJOY =]
Yetunde Omoniyi NigerianOnly ChildLoves pink and anything that sparklesCan be too serious - I think its a LEO thingOutgoing (especially by myself)Would love to buy a Chihuahua or Tea Cup Yorkie and name her 'Tinkerbell'. I adore small dogs! (I've had that picture since I was in college)
Started my blog/Youtube based on the thought of 'I can't' but obviously I can!Studied International Tourism Management - Graduated. CLASS OF 2016 LONDON CITY!!Traveled so far to: France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Amsterdam & New York . Unfortunately never been to Nigeria =[ (I will soon!) I would love love love to travel to Santorini, Greece - breathtaking island!!  I've met the reality star from Basketball Wives LA , Draya MicheleI shaved the back of my hair once, while at uni (someone did it …


"Who says I can't be ayy?"
Well well well, there might be a little bit of controversy with this topic.

I was born in England, London. However, my parents are Nigerian and I very much just say I am Nigerian.
People still question this part of my life a lot and I'm sure many others who have the same situation; being born in a particular country but parents are from so and so country are told that "technically" they are from the country they were born in. And yes that's true, but it's not that deep when you get people who start analyzing the situation from top to bottom! For me, it still makes me Nigerian.
HOWEVER, THE SHAME OF IT ALL..............I have NEVER been to Nigeria before. I'm 20, I have traveled to other countries but not Nigeria. You might be thinking 'what the hell, like seriously how can you not go to your own country?" Its not about not being able to go - Its just being able to go at the right time and knowing that there is sta…


Kelly's Health and Fitness (Special Feature) Its always good to see people taking up a challenge. It can bring out the best in you and prove to yourself and others that nothing is impossible! The 'I Can't BUT I Can' Journey has helped me to see things in a different perspective and understand that we all go through our 'I Can't' moments; but once we put our mind to anything who/what can stop us from achieving our goals!?
Kelly is one of my unique university friends who took up an immense challenge of living a healthy lifestyle. I was completely shocked when I saw the results because they were amazing! 
So I asked her how she did it....
-What triggered you to go on a healthy lifestyle? "I was at my heaviest weight at 80 kilos,176 lbs and I knew that I wasn’t healthy. I also reached a point in my life where I felt lonely and just not happy with myself. I did not think there was anything wrong with me in terms of my app…