"Who says I can't be ayy?"


Well well well, there might be a little bit of controversy with this topic.

I was born in England, London. However, my parents are Nigerian and I very much just say I am Nigerian.

People still question this part of my life a lot and I'm sure many others who have the same situation; being born in a particular country but parents are from so and so country are told that "technically" they are from the country they were born in. And yes that's true, but it's not that deep when you get people who start analyzing the situation from top to bottom! For me, it still makes me Nigerian.

HOWEVER, THE SHAME OF IT ALL..............I have NEVER been to Nigeria before. I'm 20, I have traveled to other countries but not Nigeria. You might be thinking 'what the hell, like seriously how can you not go to your own country?" Its not about not being able to go - Its just being able to go at the right time and knowing that there is stability in a sense but for sure my parents do want me to go when they feel it is right to go! And trust me I definitely understand! x

The whole point of this post is just expressing the embrace for culture whether we were born in this country or another - embrace that place. If our background is somewhere else embrace that too no matter what. I need to learn this because at the end of the day the roots are originally from Nigeria! I can't wait to go there. I hear the good and bad of it and this is the same for every country but I can't wait to be in my culture and live authentically!

If you're African, remember to be an AFRICAN and not an AFRICAN'T - word to my picture lol!
And to my Non-Africans, just remember that even if you think you CAN'T .... YOU CAN! Whatever it may be!
Remember to share this blog with your friends, tus amigos, vos amis, re ore, deine freunde!
                                                                LondonLove x                                                            


  1. I totally understand you. It's kinda hard to identify yourself especially in my case where I've been born in Germany and then moved to England. Here people see you as African however when you go back home they see you as European. It's weird. But I express myself as African because that's how I've been brought up as and not a European. You get what I mean?

    1. Yes, lol it sounds understandable. Its good to embrace culture though! The fact you was born in Germany would you say you held abit onto their culture aswell as the African side?


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