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Its always good to see people taking up a challenge. It can bring out the best in you and prove to yourself and others that nothing is impossible!
The 'I Can't BUT I Can' Journey has helped me to see things in a different perspective and understand that we all go through our 'I Can't' moments; but once we put our mind to anything who/what can stop us from achieving our goals!?

Kelly is one of my unique university friends who took up an immense challenge of living a healthy lifestyle. I was completely shocked when I saw the results because they were amazing! 

So I asked her how she did it....

-What triggered you to go on a healthy lifestyle?
"I was at my heaviest weight at 80 kilos,176 lbs and I knew that I wasn’t healthy. I also reached a point in my life where I felt lonely and just not happy with myself. I did not think there was anything wrong with me in terms of my appearance but I just knew that I needed to get fit and healthier in order for me to feel hundred percent happy with myself" (Source from Official Website)

-What were the things that made you think you CAN'T lose weight?
"What made me think that I can't do it is the thought that it requires  a lot of strength and determination. And I never thought I had these qualities when it came to losing weight"

-What made you go for it & say I CAN!?
"I would say what motivated me was other fitness blogs, I watched fitness videos on Youtube and also my mindset is what contributed to helping me reach my goal"
- What are your 3 main tips for people who would like to take on this challenge?
"Be motivated, believe in yourself and determination. Discipline is also a massive factor and not giving up is the most important one."

So have you tried challenging yourself to eat healthy at one point and then gave up?
Do you tell yourself you will go to the gym before summer to get that dream bod but you procrastinate on signing up for a gym? Kelly's Health and Fitness blog is the 'go to' for interesting advice and delicious recipes on what you have always tried to do! She did it and so can you!! Check out her blog which is linked at the top of this post =]

Thank you for reading & please don't forget to share this with everyone!!
LondonLove x 


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