Its Just Me, Myself & I...

I feel like I should have done this post first but its better to introduce the purpose of why I started the blog and give you some insight of me, myself & I after! ENJOY =] 
  • Yetunde Omoniyi 
  • Nigerian
  • Only Child
  • Loves pink and anything that sparkles
  • Can be too serious - I think its a LEO thing
  • Outgoing (especially by myself)
  • Would love to buy a Chihuahua or Tea Cup Yorkie and name her 'Tinkerbell'. I adore small dogs! (I've had that picture since I was in college)

  • Started my blog/Youtube based on the thought of 'I can't' but obviously I can!
  • Studied International Tourism Management - Graduated. CLASS OF 2016 
  • Traveled so far to: France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Amsterdam & New York . Unfortunately never been to Nigeria =[ (I will soon!)
  • I would love love love to travel to Santorini, Greece - breathtaking island!! 
  • I've met the reality star from Basketball Wives LA , Draya Michele
  • I shaved the back of my hair once, while at uni (someone did it for me; shoutout to MJ-BeautybyInspire*) but never styled it to be on show!
  • I always say I hate shows and end up watching them months/years later and end up loving it. TOWIE & Made In Chelsea <3 <3 .
  • I write my 'To Do List' in chronological order exactly what and how things need to be done including the times.
  • My handwriting always changes depending on the type of pen I 
      write with (I dunno if I'm the only one)

      Sooo what are some cool & interesting facts about you?.. Comment below! 
    Glad you took the time to get to know the some facts about me. Hopefully continuing this blog and updating my Youtube Channel (Yetunde Omoniyi) you will enjoy more. Please feel free to share comments and reccommendations on more things to see here!

    Remember to share with the chicas and chicos 

    London Love x


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