Hey!! I know what you're probably all thinking.... 'Where's the New York vlog Yetunde said she was going to upload on Sunday!??'

I'm telling you now, my technical love has been on point and I even edited the vlogs on Windows Movie Maker (for the meantime) but my laptop's trying to tell me something else mate! :(  :(. I need to upgrade on quite a few things and right about now its not easy! It may seem like I can give you all the excuses in the world but there would be no point! I just wanna show you what I love to do by sharing my recommendations, places to go and loads more!

It would be great if this process was faster for my media growth but nothing comes easy! There's going to be alot of challenges and who know's how long it will take...We'll see! But for now even though it hasn't been long since the #iCan'tBUTICan challenge creating my blog and Youtube channel I'll keep trying and I'm so happy I know the little that has been done will be even better! 

If you haven't; why not take a look back on my previous blog posts, leave your comments & views and don't forget to like, share and subscribe to London Love my channel! 

Thank you for your support and patience! =] 

London Love x


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