Travel Essence ; Let's hear it for New York!

I feel so upset at the fact that I couldn't upload my daily vlogs and do my blog update each day while in New York because I know that expressing and uploading it over a month later doesn't have the same feeling of uploading them on the exact days if you know what I mean? Everytime I look at the photos and the videos I'm nostalgic. I just wanna go back to New York and relive each moment! That's where great memories are and I know that there are so many more things I want to do when I go back! This is why I'm sharing most if not all the things I was able to see and do with you! 

Okay, enough of my sob story lol..

New York is nothing without its breathtaking views, landscapes and buildings and in this Travel Essence NYC Series I would love to share with you the places, attractions and views we saw! The word I could only express when staying in New York was that every place we stepped foot was 'amazing'  (in my vlogs) lol. I genuinely couldn't find other words to describe it especially because it was my first time completely outside of Europe so it was too much to take in.  

So the first set of photos will be the beautiful buildings and landscapes we came across which were taken on my first camera - the 'Lumix TZ57'.

Enjoy & Share the London Love x


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