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Travel Essence - 12 Travel Tips, Treats & Tricks

Thinking that you have everything  well organised for a trip and finding out you missed a few things out can be frustrating . This can be so many of us when planning for the perfect holiday, and I know my plan wasn't on point when I traveled to New York but this time I was determined to do so for my next long-haul holiday. I realised there were so many things to remember... So I had to share (in no particular order) 12 tips, treats and tricks with you that can make your next trip away stress-free!

1. When packing clothes, instead of folding, ROLL your clothes, you'll be surprised as to how much space you still have left compared to when folding clothes.

2. Pack for the amount of days you're staying  - You don't want your suitcase to be filled up and not have enough room for your presents and extra buys.

3. Check the weather forecast for the duration of your stay- Its good to know what type of weather you're packing for. Trust me, you don't want to be wearing a car…

Travel Essence - AMSTERDAM

The joys of being a tourist...

A short break seems like its always needed and I got the chance to take a uni trip to Amsterdam in November 2015 with a few of my colleagues and of course my lectures came.

I've heard so many things about weekend breaks to 'Dam and finally I got the chance to go. As soon as most people hear Amsterdam the first thing is the Red Light District or weed cafes, but obviously there's more to the Dutch lifestyle - the classic bike rides and canals, traditional beers and the people you meet! I will do my very best to share this trip with you recommendations and hopefully you'll be paying a visit to AMSTERDAM too!

We stayed at the Meininger Hostel, City West. A great location which is very close to the Sloterdijk railway station (five minutes walk). This hostel is definitely ideal for students or if you're looking for an affordable and accessible place to stay. The staff are helpful especially as a lot of students stay here, and a lo…

Travel Essence - WORLD TRAVEL MARKET 2016

The essence of travel is like being in another world. What feels like lifetime is only like 2 weeks. You meet amazing people and keep in touch, you finally meet family members that you've never met and you cherish every moment! Don't you just love that feeling?? It doesn't even have to be in another part of the world; it could be that hour trip away for a peaceful weekend that makes you appreciate nature and your well-being! Travel comes in so many ways - leisure, passion, career, inspirations and so much more. I love it! Here is a chance to be part of that through the World Travel Market!

I'm so excited to post a lot more on life as tourism student as I studied it from college up until university. There were a few languages too and I would definitely want you to ask questions or leave your comments, tips and recommendations etc. on unique places you've traveled to. So if you  just want to travel for the rest of their life and you see yourself travelling as a career…


Heyy! How are you all doing?? I've definitely missed sharing alot with you and I'm glad to be back!. Throwbacks, Flashbacks and so many reccommendations, I can't wait to post! Keep an eye out. && if you wanna keep up with LondonLove; follow my Twitter @LondonLovess  x 

Its so inspiring to see that there are many events and campaigns taking place around the world, at a time where there have been unjust killings of black people. These events are here to empower us #BlackLivesMatter and The Miss Black and Beautiful exhibition was one of the many successful  events I had attended this summer... 

I love how I randomly came across this exhibition on Eventbrite. Taking place at the Autograph, ABP, Rivington Place, Shoreditch was a good idea to plan this exhibition as the area is surrounded by art and culture and has a distinct vibe about it. At a time where in todays society there are a mixture…


I bet you guys are wondering what kind of combo is pancakes and booze (beer)...? Yes, it is definitely a combo but I would say its more normal at an art show. 
It seems like my mindset has been open and a bigger interest has grown on me for art more than I expected. I see myself in art galleries and exhibitions. I've also seen so much passion and dedication that my cousin, Rimi has when it comes to her artwork which continues to  inspire many. She had the opportunity of featuring her art work as part of the Pancakes and Booze Art Show too!

Rimi also launched her official website and I would love for you guys to check it out! She's also about to travel to Rwanda and has put together a small collection of Rwandan art pieces on sale.
This blog post should have been written ages ago when I attended the Art Show, but like I've mentioned before excuses don't go very far unless I continue without complaining. I…

Meet The Artists


We're no strangers to art. Its everywhere you turn. People seem to get their inspirations to develop  through other art work, beautiful landscapes/scenery, culture and so much more. There are many ways to express art and I'm glad I had the opportunity to get inspired through this pop-up exhibition last Thursday at the Hoxton Arches, Shoreditch. I was invited by the lovely Yulia Ivanova. She is the Meet The Artists organiser. Yulia also had her art work present alongside other incredible artists. 
So, Meet The Artists - what's it all about?

The exhibition was founded by Athena Anastasiou where she believed in supporting up and coming artists in London and placing them in one venue to promote their work successfully. She realised that its quite hard these days for artists to have their works noticed in galleries as it gets quite competitive. Meet The Artists is the platform for artists to shine through quality art and are sold at affordable prices.

Meet The Arti…

C'est Possible - Passion For Motherland

Passion For Motherland Showcase (PFM) 2016
Founder & CEO ; Lisette Mibo The Motherland is known to many as Africa; being that people believe this is where the human race started from! You could say there are alot of opinions everywhere but most importantly one could accept that your native country is your Motherland who you represent. Just as Lisette Mibo embraced her Motherland through the journey of where the Passion for Motherland came about in 2013. A non-profit organisation building and empowering the lives of the street children of Kinshasa where Lisette was also brought up. The main turn in her life was from one of the most important people in her life; her grandmother who passed away. Lisette travelled back to Kinshasa paying her last respects and while there she realised that the street children of Kinshasa were living in such poor conditions which put the children in vulnerable situations and that desire stemmed in Lisette to make a diff…

#TT (Throwback) Don't Be Afraid to Dream A Little Bigger Darlings!

#ThrowbackThursday - VisionBoardPartyLondon

Welcome back to another #TT (ThrowbackThursday segment) which could also pass for MotivationMondays :). Wow, what an eventful week it has been! How's your week been people!? Amazing? Inspiring? Crazy? Boring? Well, I want you all to look forward to the exciting things taking place near you! I can assure you that after this #TT it puts you even more into a positive perspective on life regardless of all the craziness happening as it has for me! :)  I had a last minute opportunity to make my dreams turn into reality at AzizaWho?'s VisionBoardPartyLondon which took place at the classy venue - Radiant Hair Salon located in Bermondsey. 

As this was so last minute and though I had heard about the event before, I knew that I would be expecting to be creating a vision board. But I didn't expect it to have such deeper meaning as you'll read further on in the post. 


For a long time I've always wanted to create my …

#TT (Throwback) New Look AW15 Event

#Throwback Thursday - AW15 Edit Fashion Insider

Sharing a short Part 2 of my #TT segment with New Look.  It's based on my delight shopping in their stores across London. This time it was at their AW15 Edit Collection in preparation for Fashion Week. There were also outfits displayed which would be part of Fashion Week. 

I had to rush my way through the crowds in Oxford Street (you know how it is!) And I finally reached. Twas obviously to keep to good timing. I was absolutely looking forward to everything taking place that day especially being in the season of Fashion Week (I'm not a fashionista lool). On arrival, there was a friendly welcoming by the staff (a lovely lady who helped with the filming). There were quite a lot of things happening such as goodie bag giveways for the first 50 people (I was late =[ ), the DJ playing on point tunes on the shop floor, a fancy dress photo booth and a beauty section, prizes being won every hour via Twitter and so much more including discou…

#TT (Throwback) African Home Interior

#ThrowbackThursday - OT&O Home Interiors

 So since I've had a lot of time on my hands I've decided to use time wisely and attend some cool events that I am passionate about; or where I have the opportunity to be more sociable which is something people should do come rain or shine! In order for me to find these events I remembered that Eventbrite promotes all types of events that you could possibly find anything you're looking for. From open mic nights, singing lessons to sewing classes/workshops to international events etc.

As one of my greatest interests is home interiors I didn't expect to find anything related to home interiors when searching for 'Nigeria'. But this is how I came across 'Wo Ilu Lle Mi', by OT&O a mother and daughter business - Tosin James-Odukoya; The Co-Founder. I had to do some further research on the OT&O Home Interiors (Click top left corner on the page) to see what it was all about and this took me by suprise; I really…

#MM (Throwback) Being an inspiration without even knowing!

Hey people,  It has definitely been a while and people have come to the conclusion that it is okay to do throwback recommendations and that's exactly what I have for you! So for the next blog posts, it will be all about throwback events and unique and interesting places  in London and across the world that I have attended and visited  for you to have the opportunity to go as well as most of these events are still running and venues are still around! Hope you enjoy!               Its quite refreshing reading newspapers especially when you find out some amazing events happening local to you and through the Evening Standard is where I found HubDot the event for women from all walks of life!  Hubdot was founded by Simona Fulham in 2012 around her kitchen table who has always been happy to be in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where women can speak about their stories on life, work, challenges, and this is where I had the chance to do so. 
Let's take it wayyy back to t…