#MM (Throwback) Being an inspiration without even knowing!


Hey people, 
It has definitely been a while and people have come to the conclusion that it is okay to do throwback recommendations and that's exactly what I have for you! So for the next blog posts, it will be all about throwback events and unique and interesting places  in London and across the world that I have attended and visited  for you to have the opportunity to go as well as most of these events are still running and venues are still around! Hope you enjoy!              
Its quite refreshing reading newspapers especially when you find out some amazing events happening local to you and through the Evening Standard is where I found HubDot the event for women from all walks of life! 
Hubdot was founded by Simona Fulham in 2012 around her kitchen table who has always been happy to be in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where women can speak about their stories on life, work, challenges, and this is where I had the chance to do so. 

Let's take it wayyy back to the beginning October 2014 where a group of women of all ages, different backgrounds and interests were invited to the Staffan Tollgard Interior Design Group Showroom located in Chelsea (such a unique setting).
We were greeted at the door with a smile and champagne. In order to understand the concept of this event was to identify the reason why each woman was present; represented by coloured stickers.

Red: I’m established (in my 
career/business/motherhood) *
Yellow: I have an idea, can anyone help? *
Green: I’m here to be inspired *
Blue: I’m here to socialise and shop *
Purple: I want to tell you about … (my story/my work/my charity)*

Shortly after being given the stickers that applied to me I was chatting away getting to know the women who had different lifestyles but were doing such amazing things in their daily lives. It didn’t matter if you didn’t know anyone. As time went by everyone seemed like they had known each other for years and there was opportunity for a few ladies to come up on stage to tell their story or if they were in need of any help with an idea they had.
I definitely enjoyed the evening and I will not forget the people I spoke to who I will be keeping in contact with.

If you would like to know more about HUBDOT and what it involves check out the website and other social networks.

-         Official website - www.hubdot.com
-         Twitter - @hubdot
-         Facebook – www.facebook.com/hubdot
-         Instagram – Instagram.com/hubdot

-         Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/hubdot

Its time to get inpired everywhere you go! So take the chance! =] Lots of LondonLove

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