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#TT (Throwback) Don't Be Afraid to Dream A Little Bigger Darlings!

#ThrowbackThursday - VisionBoardPartyLondon

Welcome back to another #TT (ThrowbackThursday segment) which could also pass for MotivationMondays :). Wow, what an eventful week it has been! How's your week been people!? Amazing? Inspiring? Crazy? Boring? Well, I want you all to look forward to the exciting things taking place near you! I can assure you that after this #TT it puts you even more into a positive perspective on life regardless of all the craziness happening as it has for me! :)  I had a last minute opportunity to make my dreams turn into reality at AzizaWho?'s VisionBoardPartyLondon which took place at the classy venue - Radiant Hair Salon located in Bermondsey. 

As this was so last minute and though I had heard about the event before, I knew that I would be expecting to be creating a vision board. But I didn't expect it to have such deeper meaning as you'll read further on in the post. 


For a long time I've always wanted to create my …

#TT (Throwback) New Look AW15 Event

#Throwback Thursday - AW15 Edit Fashion Insider

Sharing a short Part 2 of my #TT segment with New Look.  It's based on my delight shopping in their stores across London. This time it was at their AW15 Edit Collection in preparation for Fashion Week. There were also outfits displayed which would be part of Fashion Week. 

I had to rush my way through the crowds in Oxford Street (you know how it is!) And I finally reached. Twas obviously to keep to good timing. I was absolutely looking forward to everything taking place that day especially being in the season of Fashion Week (I'm not a fashionista lool). On arrival, there was a friendly welcoming by the staff (a lovely lady who helped with the filming). There were quite a lot of things happening such as goodie bag giveways for the first 50 people (I was late =[ ), the DJ playing on point tunes on the shop floor, a fancy dress photo booth and a beauty section, prizes being won every hour via Twitter and so much more including discou…

#TT (Throwback) African Home Interior

#ThrowbackThursday - OT&O Home Interiors

 So since I've had a lot of time on my hands I've decided to use time wisely and attend some cool events that I am passionate about; or where I have the opportunity to be more sociable which is something people should do come rain or shine! In order for me to find these events I remembered that Eventbrite promotes all types of events that you could possibly find anything you're looking for. From open mic nights, singing lessons to sewing classes/workshops to international events etc.

As one of my greatest interests is home interiors I didn't expect to find anything related to home interiors when searching for 'Nigeria'. But this is how I came across 'Wo Ilu Lle Mi', by OT&O a mother and daughter business - Tosin James-Odukoya; The Co-Founder. I had to do some further research on the OT&O Home Interiors (Click top left corner on the page) to see what it was all about and this took me by suprise; I really…