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#ThrowbackThursday - OT&O Home Interiors

 So since I've had a lot of time on my hands I've decided to use time wisely and attend some cool events that I am passionate about; or where I have the opportunity to be more sociable which is something people should do come rain or shine! In order for me to find these events I remembered that Eventbrite promotes all types of events that you could possibly find anything you're looking for. From open mic nights, singing lessons to sewing classes/workshops to international events etc.

As one of my greatest interests is home interiors I didn't expect to find anything related to home interiors when searching for 'Nigeria'. But this is how I came across 'Wo Ilu Lle Mi', by OT&O a mother and daughter business - Tosin James-Odukoya; The Co-Founder. I had to do some further research on the OT&O Home Interiors (Click top left corner on the page) to see what it was all about and this took me by suprise; I really wanted to see more in person.
TOP LEFT TO RIGHT - Instagram promotion; Cushions&Frame; Tosin getting her headwrap done by Kiyana Wraps; KiyanaWraps; Delicious Goodiebag and The Rainbow Journey Rug & Cushions

'Wo Inu Lle Mi' which means 'enter my house' in Yoruba (one of the major languages in Nigeria); the event was based around African inspiration for home decor and I was just too excited. It  was all about the use of elegant African home accessories using frames (wall art) made with African lace inside, cushions and rugs with a unique twist representing culture and heritage being Nigerian! I was even more excited because it was free too (don't judge me, we all love free things) But this definitely stood out to me. The description of the event, the set-up and  10% of the sales were to be donated to the Sickle Cell Society that OT&O are passionate about. I just couldn't wait!

I was not expecting to see what I would that day... And it was worth it! First off, I thought it was taking place in a rented out showroom where the accessories would be set up and there would be a table full of the things being sold. It was totally the opposite.. It was in Tosin's own home, her space, in the comfort of her own home! The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming with people looking around each room where all the accessories were being displayed, food, champagne and strawberries set out, music playing in the room, and a table for KiyanaWraps was beautifully presented and I could already see the essence of 'Wo Inu Lle Mi'. The unique rugs were laid out in the corridor which I was amazed to see and the wall art were elegantly placed (the photos will definitely speak for itself).. The uniqueness of it all was too much as I expressed that a lot on the day lol.
Bespoke Wall art and Rugs 
Overall, this event was one of the most inspiring events I have been to, from the story of how Tosin and her mother built their brand for her to chase her dreams to Vanessa giving her experiences as a Sickle Cell carrier was such an eye opener and having the opportunity to meet and talk to talented people who I have kept in touch with! And guess what guys... I even purchased The Headwrap Queen Rug in preparation for my room transformation which I can't wait to show you!

I would definitely reccommend you to sign up to Eventbrite for your interests and even when you're bored and searching for things to do whether its in London or internationally. You even have the option of paid or free events so don't think that you don't have chances of finding anything. So what are you waiting for?? Have fun!!

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Co-Founder; Tosin James-Odukoya and Mother 
Thank you for taking time to read this post, looking forward to sharing more with you! 
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  1. It was lovely to have you in my home Yetunde, thank you for covering our event, it is always nice to receive feedback, I love the blog X

    1. You're welcome :) Thank you Tosin for such an amazing event, even though I've said it a million times! Thank you x


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