C'est Possible - Passion For Motherland

Passion For Motherland Showcase (PFM) 2016
Founder & CEO ; Lisette Mibo
The Motherland is known to many as Africa; being that people believe this is where the human race started from! You could say there are alot of opinions everywhere but most importantly one could accept that your native country is your Motherland who you represent. Just as Lisette Mibo embraced her Motherland through the journey of where the Passion for Motherland came about in 2013. A non-profit organisation building and empowering the lives of the street children of Kinshasa where Lisette was also brought up. The main turn in her life was from one of the most important people in her life; her grandmother who passed away. Lisette travelled back to Kinshasa paying her last respects and while there she realised that the street children of Kinshasa were living in such poor conditions which put the children in vulnerable situations and that desire stemmed in Lisette to make a difference for these young boys and girls.

Also with the help and support of a passionate team, Lisette has been able to fight for and develop her Passion  For Motherland by raising funds and awareness with organisations, projects and huge showcases such as PFM 2016 Showcase. Her passion and drive has been appreciated by many who she has come across. This is because PFM aim to bring the Kinshasa community up and to ensure that education, skills, medical assistant/health and love is given and shown in their lives. As seen through Lisette's work, her quote of "C'est Possible" 'It's possible' in French,  is clearly shown from the passion she has shared with the people around her and especially the street children of Kinshasa. 

This is definitely an inspiration to myself and I'm so happy I have the opportunity to volunteer and hopefully you have been inspired too make a difference too!  

So now that you know about the essence of where Passion For Motherland started from; why not take the opportunity to come down the most anticipated showcase in London on the 20th August 2016! Featuring quality performances, classic artists and traditional models representing all for the passion they have for the Motherland. Don't miss out!

The tickets are selling fast, so don't waste time! Grab your tickets now.. THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS.... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/passion-for-motherland-showcase-2016-a-vibrant-night-of-live-music-fashion-and-poetry-tickets-25895225316

& Make sure you keep an eye out on the follow up post for Passion For Motherland Showcase!
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