Meet The Artists


We're no strangers to art. Its everywhere you turn. People seem to get their inspirations to develop  through other art work, beautiful landscapes/scenery, culture and so much more. There are many ways to express art and I'm glad I had the opportunity to get inspired through this pop-up exhibition last Thursday at the Hoxton Arches, Shoreditch. I was invited by the lovely Yulia Ivanova. She is the Meet The Artists organiser. Yulia also had her art work present alongside other incredible artists. 

So, Meet The Artists - what's it all about?

The exhibition was founded by Athena Anastasiou where she believed in supporting up and coming artists in London and placing them in one venue to promote their work successfully. She realised that its quite hard these days for artists to have their works noticed in galleries as it gets quite competitive. Meet The Artists is the platform for artists to shine through quality art and are sold at affordable prices.

Meet The Artists

Yulia Ivanova: I met her at a last-minute #BlackLivesMatter debate. I believe she mentioned something to do with art and I told her about my cousin RimiOmo's creativity. She later on invited us to 'Meet The Artists'.  I saw Yulia's work and immediately thought urban culture, and possibly gathered that she  had a interest in black American music hence the photo below. The concept behind her work represented the HipHop 90's movement. She currently hosts cool art events. Keep up with Yulia on her social media (Twitter) @yulzrulz 
Left - 'Its dark and hell its hot' / Right - Water(s)

Christopher - 'Malaria' portfolio 
Christopher Michael Tew: He was more than just a photographer helping out at the exhibition. We got talking about his travel interests especially in Africa.  His outfit stood out to me as I love my African prints and got to know that he sells them as Bespoke shirts! He even told me that his work was also part of the exhibition hence being a photographer. There was so much personality and that definitely shun through his work! For more of his creativity check out his  official website > ChristopherMichaelTew

Ruby Djordjevic: A young artist in the making who I found out went to my college (not the same time as me but hey, there's huge talent there!) Everything for her started at a young age and today she continues expressing inner emotions through a modern twist. Its clear to see that there is so much depth in her work. One of the art pieces were blurry, you could see it was Kanye West (Yeezus) but the strokes involved created another type of feel for her work and thats what I loved about it - there was something different! Ruby uses acrylics, oil paints and Photoshop for her art work.  Have a look at some more of her unique pieces on her social media (Instagram) @RUBYARTISTT and official website > RubyDjordjevic
Ruby Djordjevic:  Left to Right - Cloud Portrait ; Yeezus ; GIRL

Such a chilled and hospitable environment, greeted with a glass of wine and taking in unique art. An amazing turn out for the number of people that attended the exhibition..Thank you! 

I get my inspo's from events I attend especially to do with motivation, culture and travelling. I do love sitting by the Southbank to relax my mind.. Let me know, where you get inspiration from down below?

.... If you would like more information on how to get your work out there, have a look at Meet The Artists Facebook Page and get in contact! 

Lots of Love
London Love x


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