I bet you guys are wondering what kind of combo is pancakes and booze (beer)...? Yes, it is definitely a combo but I would say its more normal at an art show. 
It seems like my mindset has been open and a bigger interest has grown on me for art more than I expected. I see myself in art galleries and exhibitions. I've also seen so much passion and dedication that my cousin, Rimi has when it comes to her artwork which continues to  inspire many. She had the opportunity of featuring her art work as part of the Pancakes and Booze Art Show too!

Rimi also launched her official website and I would love for you guys to check it out! She's also about to travel to Rwanda and has put together a small collection of Rwandan art pieces on sale.
Pancakes&Booze - Rimi ; 'She is' Collection 

This blog post should have been written ages ago when I attended the Art Show, but like I've mentioned before excuses don't go very far unless I continue without complaining. I just want you guys to know there are so many cool and unique events that take place in London and around the world everyday, so why not show you what Pancakes and Booze was all about and for you to keep updated. 

I would definitely say this is where you'll meet some of the most awesome people for a down-to-earth evening. Good vibes. All sorts were included at the Art Show; from body art, a variety of quirky artists, art sales and obviously crepes and drinks! I purchased a few of Franc&Ivy prints which also have a quirky vibe  it. I totally enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere!

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure when the next Pancakes and Booze is back in London but dates for your diary if you're in LA, Dallas and many more! >> Please click the link at the beginning. 

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