Travel Essence - WORLD TRAVEL MARKET 2016

The essence of travel is like being in another world. What feels like lifetime is only like 2 weeks. You meet amazing people and keep in touch, you finally meet family members that you've never met and you cherish every moment! Don't you just love that feeling?? It doesn't even have to be in another part of the world; it could be that hour trip away for a peaceful weekend that makes you appreciate nature and your well-being! Travel comes in so many ways - leisure, passion, career, inspirations and so much more. I love it! Here is a chance to be part of that through the World Travel Market!

I'm so excited to post a lot more on life as tourism student as I studied it from college up until university. There were a few languages too and I would definitely want you to ask questions or leave your comments, tips and recommendations etc. on unique places you've traveled to. So if you  just want to travel for the rest of their life and you see yourself travelling as a career then The World Travel Market is for you! Its like the whole world is in one building (It literally is lol)!

What is the World Travel Market?
The World Travel Market is at 37 years! It is a must go to event as over 50,00 travel industry professionals,  government ministers and international press,, airlines, hotels, tourism boards, tour operators and the list goes on. This is where they reunite to negotiate and to discuss the latest trends within the travel industry. Though it is a business related event, the vibrant atmosphere presents unique opportunities to meet, network, and conduct business + FUN!

Where and When does it take place?
It is held at the ExCel London every November for up to three days. 2016 - Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th November 2016. Be prompt because the days consist of packed DLR trains.

So...What happens?? (It's all down to you)

My advice would be to have fun, explore, be professional and be relaxed. There can be a lot to take in. 
Go to the countries that you really want to go (at least 5) and collect brochures/magazines. I recommend going to your own country first (for me its Nigeria - =] )
Have a goal to meet and quality network with 3 people.
Attend a conference/session if necessary (e.g. student, press etc.)
Eat as much as you can - its a global event which means there's foooood! =] 
There are a lot of fun things to do like photobooths, competitions,  so have fun I guarantee you will anyway!! 

I'm hoping to be at World Travel Market for the 5th year running! Hope to see you there too! 

Please share with those who love to travel or who would like to be such a vibrant event!
Let me know if you're going too!

Lots of LondonLove x 


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