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Its so inspiring to see that there are many events and campaigns taking place around the world, at a time where there have been unjust killings of black people. These events are here to empower us #BlackLivesMatter and The Miss Black and Beautiful exhibition was one of the many successful  events I had attended this summer... 

I love how I randomly came across this exhibition on Eventbrite. Taking place at the Autograph, ABP, Rivington Place, Shoreditch was a good idea to plan this exhibition as the area is surrounded by art and culture and has a distinct vibe about it. At a time where in todays society there are a mixture of opinions on racial identity crisis' it was such an honour to see hundreds of people queuing up to take in cherished documented photos of the Miss Black and Beautiful paegent. This was a reminder for us as young black women to embrace our beauty more each day. 

The documented photographs were taken by the late Raphael Albert (1935 -2009), a promoter and photgrapher (60s, 70s and 80s) who also created the Miss Black and Beautiful paegants. He used this opportunity to celebrate 'Black is Beautiful' aesthetic at the time where black women were outside the mainstream of beauty and fashion in Britain during the 70s. He captured authentic beauty in these young aspiring models where it was the chance to see Afro-Carribean in a distinct setting and to express the social, political and cultural challenges that were faced and are still faced today.

A few former paegant queens were also at the venue; Miss Black and Beautiful; Sybil Mclean and Miss Teenager GB 1976; Denny Richards and I had the chance to talk to them. As you can see with the paegant; it wasn't about the heels and fashion statement it was all about what represented them in confidence at such a young age. 

The Miss Black and Beautiful exhibition represented many black women today across the world who are still learning how to embrace who they are. Its not about society anymore, its about who we are as individuals, as black women today. Lets not forget where we came from, but lets embrace where we are and strive for more!  Take in these iconic photos by Raphael...
Sybil Mclean ; winner of Miss Black and Beautiful 1972 celebrating with other contestants 

A crowned winner 

A woman waits at a contest
Miss West Indies, 1970s

You can also find news articles/blog posts written about the Miss Black and Beautiful Exhibition by iamDidara the Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Standard and Metro

For more exhibitions by AUTOGRAPH, ABP - Click the link at the top 

Thank you for reading, hope you were inspired, leave your comments on how you feel about #BlackLivesMatter or any opinions you have..
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