Travel Essence - 12 Travel Tips, Treats & Tricks

Thinking that you have everything  well organised for a trip and finding out you missed a few things out can be frustrating . This can be so many of us when planning for the perfect holiday, and I know my plan wasn't on point when I traveled to New York but this time I was determined to do so for my next long-haul holiday. I realised there were so many things to remember... So I had to share (in no particular order) 12 tips, treats and tricks with you that can make your next trip away stress-free!

1. When packing clothes, instead of folding, ROLL your clothes, you'll be surprised as to how much space you still have left compared to when folding clothes.

2. Pack for the amount of days you're staying  - You don't want your suitcase to be filled up and not have enough room for your presents and extra buys.

3. Check the weather forecast for the duration of your stay- Its good to know what type of weather you're packing for. Trust me, you don't want to be wearing a cardigan and not your warm puffer jacket in freezing weather! 

4. List out the main places you would love to visit first- it may not always go to plan but at least you know that you have the places in mind. (The furthest to your accommodation should be first as you don't have to feel like its a burden to go just before you're about to leave).

5. Learn the locals language - Its important to learn simple phrases like 'hello', 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry' etc. This allows you to be more open minded and get to know the culture and hopefully one day you'll be fluent.

6. Always have your devices charged to take as many photos/videos; the night before -  You don't want to be in front of an amazing view and halfway into filming, your battery dies. 

7. If you're travelling as a large group, happily go around together as a group BUT if there are about 8 of you, its a smart idea to split in 3/4 so you can decide where to go without making a fuss (ladies, please understand this especially for shopping lol!!!)

8. Do not take the whole of your spending money out with you everyday. Its better to carry a good amount that you actually need for the day.

9. Save some money for duty free - you will be able to find some tax-free goodies (perfumes, wines, last min purchases etc.) just before you board your flight.

10. If you're not a big fan of carrying large sized handbags , get yourself a small pouch you can put your money, phone/camera in.

11. Keep your bank alerted on your travels to another country - If you use your card while away and your bank is not aware, they may stop your card from being used.

12. Its always advisable just before you head out to restaurants for example, to check out the reviews on Tripadvisor - the reviews here are genuine and more likely to save you from any hassle

So, what other tips, treats and tricks do you know for when your travelling??  Please share below 

Lots of Love 
               LondonLove x


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