STAYING DOWN IN 2017 - 5MonthsIN!

***I wrote this post around January 2017 when I was facing my biggest challenges***

I've noticed one thing is that I expect too much perfection and for everything to be done in one go! This is when things go wrong because it ends up being a confusing situation and then you end up taking it out on other people..This has basically been the start of 2017 for me. I know most people seem to make their new year start on a high! But I don't think I was mentally prepared for 2017 and I allowed that overwhelming feeling to get to me by thinking "I'm staying down in 2017". I seriously couldn't believe I felt like this.. Its a new year! What is there that I can't do that I didn't do in 2016 - so much was achieved, I kept myself productive and had so much fun!

I spoke to friends that I trust, that I knew I could let them know how I was feeling because they had been there before. Even though I felt bad expressing all of  it by just always speaking out -it wasn't in no way to make them feel down but it was for me to not bottle up everything inside and treat myself harshly and do my very best to express myself.

Everyone definitely has their moments of feeling down but the main thing is not staying down! Sorround yourself with people that can motivate you and even if you are feeling down let your friend(s) and family (the person or people you can trust) know because there is always someone there to help.

I've decided to continue branching out as before! I want to enjoy, embrace and explore!

Can we help each other to make the rest of 2017 sweeter!?

TO BE CONTINUED..... (8MonthsIN!)

Lots of 
London Love 


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