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What a surprise family trip this was! I would have never expected that in my lifetime I would be travelling to one of the most iconic countries in the world. I have never had Dubai as one of my most wished countries to visit, but how can you say no to Dubai!?  This was the chance for me to create more amazing memories. Being able to celebrate my aunties birthday here was such a beautiful experience and would wish for all of you to be able to travel here too!
I'm not saying its the cheapest of countries. NOTE - its decently priced to travel to and from but to live here, thats a whole other story! 

We arrived here during the winter season (November) with  the perfect weather and most definitely came at the perfect time - in celebration of their 45th year anniversary! We also stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is definitely the ideal place to stay for everyone;  especially families.

I'm going to be sharing with you reccommendations of places to visit, eat and relax! So le…

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London Love...  The blog about being YOUnique, the little things about me being a young Nigerian and British lady and my travels around the world! Welcome on board: to my new readers and welcome back my originals! <3 I am happy you're reading this or have taken the time to check out my last posts over the years. It has been a journey and I absolutely love the fact breaks do exist. Its always good to take your time with everything so you have clarity on who you want to be or what you would love to do in life! Its up to us to always create our happiness. 

So, I've had a long time away to renew, revamp and recreate a lot about myself . This is in terms of my mindset, talents/creativity, my atmosphere and the people around me! Change can start off ugly and end up being the most beautiful element of life and I would love for you to come along on this journey with me! Lets learn from each other as I share the good, bad and the ugly experiences through life. Remember its the little…