What a surprise family trip this was! I would have never expected that in my lifetime I would be travelling to one of the most iconic countries in the world. I have never had Dubai as one of my most wished countries to visit, but how can you say no to Dubai!?  This was the chance for me to create more amazing memories. Being able to celebrate my aunties birthday here was such a beautiful experience and would wish for all of you to be able to travel here too!
I'm not saying its the cheapest of countries. NOTE - its decently priced to travel to and from but to live here, thats a whole other story! 

We arrived here during the winter season (November) with  the perfect weather and most definitely came at the perfect time - in celebration of their 45th year anniversary! We also stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is definitely the ideal place to stay for everyone;  especially families.

I'm going to be sharing with you reccommendations of places to visit, eat and relax! So lets start with...


As I mentioned in my previous post on Travel Tips it is always best to visit the furthest places/attractions first so you don't end up deciding not to go (and then regretting it later). This is why we chose to go to the Gold Souk first.

Journey description note: takes approx. 1 hr 20 mins from JBR (to Gold Souk).  

Its not everyday that you see a market full of thousands of 18-22 karat gold massive necklaces and bangles in all sizes hanging on the shop window in London like the ones you see in Dubai. 
The Gold Souk has a large collection of Indian jewels, pearls and ornaments where millions of tourists wonder around excited to see and buy. The jewelries sold here could have you in  awe when face to face! And if you're lucky you can try on the large necklaces obviously depending on the owner. The hospitality as well is so lovely - they offer special tea and dates while you are waiting.
The atmosphere is very much hustle and bustle on the streets as people are selling souvenirs, abayas, plates, ceramice and so much more . Be sure to get stopped by a lot of vendors who are trying to sell you nearly everything in one go! 

We ended up leaving with some nice purchases and I bought some khaftans/abayas for myself and my mother.

TOP TIP: Make sure you bargain for your own good, it's better to bog down to a good deal because they love saying everything is 'good price' lol!

RATING: 9.5/10 

Stay tuned for No. 2

Lots of LondonLove 


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